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Sainsbury’s Success for Barenaked Foods

Barenaked Sainsbury's_SMLow carb, gluten-free pasta specialists Barenaked Foods have now signed a deal with Sainsbury’s to sell their unique range of noodles.

Barenaked Noodles shot to popularity in 2013 following a dramatic pitch on the BBC show “Dragons’ Den” from Barenaked Foods’ Managing Director that secured a £60,000 investment from entrepreneur Peter Jones as business partner.

Barenaked Noodles are made using the Asian-grown Konjac root; a miracle plant low in carbohydrates, sugar and calories. Containing only 8 calories per 100g, they can be used as a replacement in meals for carbohydrates such as pasta and spaghetti.

Now landing his third major supermarket deal, Managing Director Ross Mendham first developed the product in 2011 whilst looking for an answer to his own weight loss and dietary needs.

Ross said, “We’re delighted that Sainsbury’s are stocking our original low carb, gluten free noodles. We’re enormously proud to be able to supply our foods to a wide range of consumers because they’re suitable for so many people – and that includes those on restricted diets, with health issues, have fitness and training demands or are just looking to balance their meals.

Sainsbury’s buyer Lucy McCarthy said, “We recognise the increasing demand for low carb, gluten-free alternatives to popular products and are always looking for ways to offer our customers interesting new products, so we’re excited to introduce Barenaked Noodles into the Sainsbury’s Oriental range.”

Barenaked Noodles will be on sale in 380 Sainsbury’s stores from Wednesday 18th November 2015. For more information and tasty recipe ideas for Barenaked Noodles, visit the website at

Barenaked Rice Arrives in Morrisons Stores

Dragons’ Den winner Barenaked Foods have built upon their recent retail success with leading supermarket chain Morrisons set to sell their revolutionary Barenaked Rice.

Barenaked Riverside -6SMDue to popular demand, Barenaked Foods launched a new rice product to add to their range of low carbohydrate, gluten free foods which are suitable for weight management, coeliacs and vegetarians.

Containing only 16 calories per 100g, Barenaked Rice follows in the footsteps of the original Barenaked Noodles and Barenaked Protein Noodles and are made using the Asian-grown Konjac plant; a miracle plant low in carbohydrates, sugar and calories.

Managing Director, Ross Mendham, is pleased to be expanding the availability of the company’s products since they were first developed in 2011 and were featured on the BBC show “Dragons’ Den” in 2013.

Ross said, ”We are delighted that Morrisons will now be stocking our low carb, gluten free rice, which we developed in response to feedback from our customers. The rice makes a superb alternative to standard rice for those who are looking to limit their carbohydrate intake, avoid gluten or simply want to feel less bloated after a meal.”

Andrew Thomas, International Foods Buyer at Morrisons, also expects Barenaked Rice to be a hit with customers.

Andrew said, “We are excited to be launching an extension to the popular Barenaked Noodles. We have had great customer feedback and it has quickly established a loyal following. This is such a unique proposition and offers a real alternative to traditional rice.”

Barenaked Rice is available online at the Barenaked Foods website and will be available to purchase in Morrisons from 3 August at an introductory offer price of £1.00 per pack.

Barenakedfoods enter the Dragons Den!


Sunday 11th August 2013 and a new series of the BBC’s popular business investment programme is due to start at 8pm.  Not having been an avid viewer in recent years, episode one of series 11 was however an absolute must-see.

Barenakedfoods have been a valued Enigmedia Marketing client since November 2012, when we met with Ross Mendham to discuss how we could help manage social media campaigns for his unique low-carb pasta company. Our aim was to promote the Barenakedfoods brand; encourage people to think about what they were eating and consider an alternative product which they could easily buy online. Ross had found a niche in the health food market and his passion for the product meant that our job was an easy one!

Fast forward to the summer of 2013 and Ross has amazing news – he’s auditioned for Dragon’s Den and got through to pitch his business to Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden, Duncan Bannatyne and new potential investors, Piers Linney and Kelly Hoppen. Knowing that Ross is such a lovely guy, we didn’t envy him facing what could be a very stressful experience. But we knew he was more than capable of winning them over with his down-to-earth approach, positive attitude and absolute belief in the Barenakedfoods experience.

Watching Ross on national television last night proved to us just how much he has achieved on his own. He has a personal story to tell but judging by the feedback received on Twitter and Facebook last night, so many people identify with him already. Ross’ business pitch began very well indeed, despite the inevitable nerves! He fell down a little on mental arithmetic but who wouldn’t in that situation? The Dragons were a little harsh when they were grilling him about the whole gluten-free debate which muddied the waters a little! (The noodles are in fact naturally gluten-free because they are made from a root vegetable, not wheat/oat flour!)

After the initial business background and product chat came the inevitable financial questions. As Duncan Bannatyne asked how he was being supported while developing the business, Ross explained that his lovely wife, Kelly, was working full-time despite recent health set backs. And that’s when the tears started. Oh my, this was difficult viewing now and we really felt for Ross at this point. Could he compose himself and rescue the pitch….? (Ross told us that he knew he only had one shot so he had to get back out there and finish what he’d started).  So he gathered his thoughts, got back into the Den and not only received investment offers from Peter Jones but Piers Linney and Duncan Bannatyne also expressed an interest in the Barenakedfoods brand! The look of surprised shock on Ross’ face was just wonderful and after careful consideration, he accepted Peter’s offer and the pair embraced to seal the deal.

We’re absolutely thrilled for Ross and so proud to support him on the next chapter of an awesome adventure for Barenakedfoods. (And have we mentioned that he’s a Norfolk lad too…..?!)

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