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Best Bar None Norwich: Press/Media Release (June 2012)

Best Bar None Norwich supports e-petition on under-age drinking

Licensed trade consultant Michael Kheng has launched an e-petition calling on the Government to take action against under 18-year-olds who attempt to buy alcohol in pubs.

His view, one that is endorsed by Best Bar None Scheme Manager Glenn Hoy, is that the on-trade is “targeted and blamed” for underage sales of alcohol yet those that commit the crime are “never, or rarely, penalised”.

Glenn told us, “This is a difficult and sensitive issue but one that needs support from those drinking alcohol as well as those selling and serving it. Not only via involvement from the authorities but through family and peer group pressure.”

Many outlets in Norwich are investing heavily in preventative measures, although currently, a member of bar staff or the licensee could be given an £80 on-the-spot fine for serving alcohol to anyone under-18. The licensee could also face a licence review, and a fine of up to £20,000.

Inspector Edward Brown who heads up the Norfolk Constabulary Licensing Team and oversees the Nightsafe Project said ‘The fault is certainly not all with licensees. We’re finding under 18’s are more and more frequently using fake ID or more commonly borrowing ID from friends and particularly older siblings. This is an offence and whilst we are not looking to criminalise young people they have to realise the potential consequences of their actions.

With the summer holidays approaching it will be tempting for under 18’s to try and get into pubs, bars and clubs as well as getting alcohol from off-licenses and supermarkets. We are actively targeting this area of business and we’ll continue to work alongside licensees to raise awareness and standards across the industry’.

For more information:

Contact: Glenn Hoy
Tel: 01603 224 880

Best Bar None Norwich: Press Release 25th April 2012

Best Bar None Norwich Trade Launch a great success!

Just about every bar, club and venue in Norwich was represented at the Best Bar None Norwich Trade Launch held at the Assembly House on Tuesday 24 April.

The meeting, presented by Scheme Managers Steph Butcher and Glenn Hoy, was designed to share with the owners and managers how Best Bar None Norwich could and would bring together local and national organisations, companies and people with the key objective of making the night-time economy a safer place to be.

Best Bar none recognizes high-level practices in licensed premises, by way of an assessment of key criteria such as: security, drinks & drunkenness, drugs, public safety, first aid and fire safety and building safety.

There was a lively question and answer session with those who had experience of how Best Bar None works in one of the 100+ other schemes running throughout the UK sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm for the Norwich scheme.

At the end of the meeting the attendees were asked to register their interest in joining Best Bar None Norwich and the take up was excellent. Steph Butcher commenting, ”We have exceeded our initial expectations with over 25 of the major Norwich outlets and venues already committing to the scheme. This is superb news for everybody connected with the night-time economy in our fine City.”

Licensees who were not able to attend can contact Glenn or Steph for more information on 01603 224 880 or by emailing

There is also a chance for licensees to find out how the scheme works on a practical level when the City Centre Licensing Forum holds their next meeting at Vodka Revolution on Queen Street Norwich at 3pm on Wednesday 2 May. Forum vice chairman and general manager at Vodka Revolution Matt Glister has more details about this meeting on 01603 858483.

For more information:

Contact: Glenn Hoy
Tel: 01603 224 880

Best Bar None Norwich – Trade Launch

Tuesday 24th April, Assembly Rooms, Norwich (3 – 4pm)

Members of the Licensed Trade (not open to the general public) are invited to attend a informative meeting to confirm what promises to be a scheme that is of significant benefit to the trade and its customers.If you are a Licensed Trade member in Norwich and would be interested in attending the Best Bar None launch event, for more information or to confirm your place please call 01603 224880.

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