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2022: Marking a Decade in Business

It seems like only yesterday that we launched our Twitter Account Management service for a handful of local businesses. Fast-forward ten years to today and we’re proud to provide a flexible range of social media management and marketing services to a whole host of UK organisations.

Although much has changed over the past decade, online marketing has really come into its own. Not to mention the shock arrival of a global pandemic, which has certainly seen a shift in business approaches and workplaces over the past two years alone.

In 2022, there are many more social media platforms to choose from and with plenty of people now opting to work or socialise at home, they are spending more time scrolling social media feeds for business, employment or lifestyle reasons. According to a recent study, 90% of people buy from brands they follow on social media so it’s easy to see why more businesses are now regularly posting – especially on fast-growing platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

We love to be able to support local and UK businesses; with sectors including property, health and fitness, engineering and wildlife management in our portfolio. When the Covid-19 pandemic and national lock-down started in March 2020, we noticed that most of our clients continued to be able to run their businesses remotely, which was positive news. If anything, social media became even more important because so many potential customers were now at home and more likely to be browsing the internet. In our experience, there was an up-tick in users looking for brands who they could research and engage with online. This meant that we needed to be on hand more than ever, to respond to enquiries and enable our clients to leverage their social media as a successful customer service point.

Many of our clients also took the opportunity to update their websites during lock-down – this included new text and blogs to keep their content fresh. We were able to write copy for web pages and blogs, to give our clients’ online presence a welcome boost.

Now that we’ve come through the first quarter of 2022, our clients have survived the difficulties of the Covid-19 pandemic and are settling into a slightly new way of working – either by moving more of their business online or allowing their teams to work more remotely.

Although much has changed in the business world, for us, some things remain constant. Our very first client in 2012 was Barenaked Foods, whose founder Ross Mendham went on to appear on BBC Dragons’ Den and secure investment from the one and only Peter Jones. Today, Barenaked Noodles & Rice are a well-established brand on the UK’s supermarket shelves and with a range of online specialist retailers. We’re looking forward to developing our continued relationship with Ross and the team, alongside our other highly-valued and long-standing clients. We may even have the chance to represent a Dragons’ Den winner again in the future…!

Fast Facts: Total Social Media Users in 2022

Twitter – 340 million people

Facebook – 2.895 million people

Instagram – 1 billion people

LinkedIn – 706 million

TikTok – 1 billion people

YouTube – 2 billion people

If you would like any advice on how to use social media for your business, please get in touch. Call 01602 552145 or email

Norfolk Wildlife Specialist Launches Live Honey Bee Removal Service

‘We love bees, we need bees, we save bees!’
Without bees there is no Us!

Louise Chapman BA (Hons) PGCE has been working as Norfolk’s very own Lady Mole Catcher since 2014. Since completing further professional training to enhance her skills, Louise now offers a complete pest control and wildlife management service to her customers, expertly handling problems caused to property, gardens and businesses across Norfolk.

Her latest venture, Buzz-Off Honey Bee, has been launched for summer 2020 to solve a common occurrence in warmer weather – honey bee swarms. Honey bees naturally swarm during the end of April to the middle of June and can often be seen hanging in trees, bushes or on walls as they travel en route to their new home that they have chosen. Local bee keepers will happily remove swarms that hang in these spaces, but they cannot help when the bees have entered a building space and have started to build their honey comb.

When honey bee swarms have set up home in chimneys and wall cavities, removing them due to nuisance, structural damage or work prevention reasons, is not an easy job and isn’t as straight forward as treating other insect nests.

This prompted Louise to think of an alternative solution of removing them live from buildings and re-homing them, since killing them with insecticides is no longer an appropriate course of action due to environmental and ecological reasons.

Because the honeycomb is a food source for bees, any contamination by pesticides or insecticides can have severe consequences. Once honey bees have created a honey comb the structure is protected by UK law. The longer a colony is in situ the larger the honeycomb, which provides a significant challenge for removing the insects and their structures legally and responsibly. It is also important to note that specific chemical insecticides are now being phased out or restricted, in accordance with the EU Biocide commission and HSE. In fact, the incorrect removal or illegal treatment of a honeycomb could result in a fine of up to £25,000.

Louise set about creating a team of professional experts, who together work to remove the honey bees and re-home them in protective and suitable areas around Norfolk where they can thrive.

Louise is keen to stress that her method of live honey bee removal offers a truly unique service, which is rarely available in the UK.

Another aim of Buzz-Off Honey Bee is to promote the conservation of honey bees and to educate about the importance of pollinators as a key part of our natural environment. Sadly, bee numbers are falling across the UK and around the world and although there appears to be no single cause for their decline, factors including habitat loss, use of pesticides and climate change are likely to have had an impact on their population: “Honey bees are vitally important for flower pollination but with the mass use of insecticides and pesticides they have become endangered. The U.N. have reported that of the 100 crop species that provide 90 per cent of the world’s food, more than 70 per cent are pollinated by bees. It is therefore vitally important that we take care of our bees.”

Having previously worked as an English and Drama teacher in secondary schools in Norfolk, a life outside in nature beckoned and she made a lifestyle choice to start her business. She is an accomplished public speaker and is regularly invited to speak about 20 times per year, about her work and life journey. Louise’s aim is to educate the public about managing wildlife and pests respectfully and responsibly.

Appearing on UKTV’s “Deadliest Pests Down Under” Louise has worked with pest controllers across the East coast of Australia, tackling pests including crocodiles, venomous snakes, spiders and wild pigs.

Often called upon to provide interviews with expert comment for the media, Louise has also featured on BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine Show, BBC Radio Norfolk, BBC Radio 4’s Farming Today and Radio New Zealand. She has also been featured in The Times, The Guardian, Daily Mail and Wall Street Journal newspapers.

Louise says: “I am completely passionate about my work and lifestyle. I get a great sense of achievement every day because I solve customers problems and am stimulated by the challenges I meet. Mother nature always teaches me many new things everyday, and for that I am forever blessed. I hadn’t considered that starting my business as a mole catcher in 2014 would have led me to create a business that really is a game changer for the future of our world.”

Follow Buzz Off Honey Bee:





For more information please contact Louise Chapman on 07876 141153 or email

Business Update March 2020 (Coronavirus)

I do hope that you’re all keeping well, especially in these testing times. I’m working as usual to keep all my clients’ social media channels up to date and offering as much support as I can!

Now may be a good time to have a think about updating your website, writing some helpful articles/blogs and reaffirming positive messages so that your clients (and potential clients) are reminded of your professional expertise. This will help to maintain your brand identity, your business reputation and your online presence once the current situation has come to an end.

If you need any further advice, please feel free to drop me a line.

Stay well!

Sonia x

Club Together Norfolk fundraising event September 2017

The Club Together Norfolk cycle riders are getting ready for a very special event!

Starting on Friday 8th September 2017, the 80+ team of riders are on a quest to visit every rugby club in Norfolk over three days. Ahead of them lies over 320 miles of open roads (during which they may realise that Norfolk is not as quite as flat as its reputation suggests!)

Over the three days, the club will be riding approximately 100 miles each day to raise an amazing amount of money.

The rugby-themed cycling event intends to achieve three objectives:

  • Raise a life-changing amount of money for community based charities

  • Create friendships and foster camaraderie across the rugby community

  • Promote healthy lifestyles and have fun!

The main charity the team will be fundraising for will be Wooden Spoon, which is the children’s charity of rugby. Their mission statement is “to positively transform the lives of children and young people with a disability or facing disadvantage across the UK and Ireland through the power of rugby.”

Find out more about Wooden Spoon at

Meet the Club Together Norfolk team and donate to their fantastic cause at

MN Landscapes Cultivates 20 Years of Growth

Copyright © Keith Whitmore

Norfolk based MN Landscapes are delighted to be celebrating their 20th anniversary on 4th August 2017.

Established in rural Wymondham in 1997 by Martin and Nicky Wood, MN Landscapes continues to offer creative landscape design, construction and maintenance across Norfolk and Suffolk. Martin & Nicky both have a daily hands-on approach in the company, whilst looking for new ideas and both are looking forward for the future.

A family-run company with the ability to handle high quality landscape construction projects, MN Landscapes are proud to be long standing members and accredited by the APL (Association of Professional Landscapers) and BALI (British Association of Landscape Industries).

A recent highlight for Martin and Nicky involved building The Notcutts Garden, which was opened by the Lord Mayor of Norwich on May 11 2017 at the Notcutts Garden Centre in Daniels Road, Norwich. Coverage of the event can be viewed on the Eastern Daily Press website at Since the Notcutts Norwich show garden they have installed similar gardens at Nottingham, Staines in Surrey and Tunbridge Wells for the Notcutts Group with more to follow.

Previously MN Landscapes entered national awards hosted by the Association of Professional Landscapers and were proud to have been commended by the judges in both categories.

Now in its twentieth year, MN Landscapes has grown into an impressive team of dedicated soft landscaping gardening and hard landscaping professionals. MN Landscapes have invested heavily in their fleet of sign written vehicles with a range of specialist equipment and machinery, enabling the company to handle more involved and technical projects.

Martin Wood said: “Garden landscaping has evolved over the past 20 years. Modern trends are that people are using their gardens as an additional room to their homes for families and social entertaining. In the future, we expect to see an increase in the use of outdoor lighting and preparation & cooking areas as well as a change in design and planting themes to take into account the changing seasons. We are delighted to be offering our garden maintenance services to some of our first clients of now 20 years.”

Find out more about MN Landscapes at

Norfolk company seeks support for movement tutoring system

learn_movement_skull_interior_brainLearn Movement is approaching companies of all sizes, both locally and nationally, who are keen to be associated with a unique product we have designed which is helping with dementia and with recovery after stroke.

The product is called the RydaMablet system, which is designed to help those recovering from stroke and other brain injuries in addition to those with dementia and other neurological conditions. As we are local to Norwich, the product is manufactured using local companies.

learn_movement_easy_rydaThe RydaMablet is bringing great benefit to many people and although many hospitals, care homes, clubs and organisations are very keen to use them, funds are not available in all cases. The Norwich Community Hospital in particular are planning on finding funds so that they can trial the device in their stroke unit.

Find out more about the RydaMablet system and see it in use at:

The Learn Movement website

YouTube videos 

A recent Eastern Daily Press article

If your company would be interested in buying this product to donate to any worthy causes around the Norfolk & Suffolk region (cost £148 – £590), Learn Movement would be delighted to hear from you.

ryda-mablet-edp-dec-2016-by-antony-kellyIf you would like to find out more, Learn Movement would be glad to demonstrate the benefits of the RydaMablet system – call Andrew Marshall on 01508 578435 or email

It’s the end of another busy year…!

em-xmas-2017It’s been another busy year for us here at Enigmedia towers and we’ve certainly enjoyed working on exciting challenges for a range of local and UK businesses.

From social media management, customer service support and proofreading to newsletter, blog and website content writing; each and every project we’ve been involved with during 2016 has been educational and hugely enjoyable.

This year’s highlights have included support work for Louis’ Deli & Cafe; Steven Brooks Photography; BBC Dragons’ Den slayers Barenakedfoods; highly successful flow-wrapping manufacturer FDA Packaging and Norfolk’s very own Lady Mole Catcher!

We’re grateful to each and every one of our wonderful clients who’ve been in touch with us for support or advice, for which we’re always happy to oblige!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and we look forward to more of the same for 2017!


A Warm Welcome at Louis’ Deli & Cafe!

IMG_9988 (WEB)

We received a call not so long ago from Graham, who is the current owner of Louis’ Deli in the Norwich Lanes.  Already a successful cafe/take away and with the updated website looking smart, the business was lacking in just one thing – social media!

Graham was unsure how to promote Louis’ online so we began by going through each of his existing social media profiles in turn (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram). We checked that the business information and images were up to date; the branding was consistent and that a link to the website was clearly visible. After that, it was a matter of letting people know where they could find award-winning coffee, delicious meals and some of the best cakes in Norwich!

Although we can clearly see from our feedback reports that people are reacting to and engaging with Louis’ via social media, it’s a real pleasure to hear from Graham that our work has resulted in more people coming through the door and talking about Louis’ Deli in person.

It’s still early days but we look forward to working with Graham (and his amazing manager Hannah) to help the business grow and promote unique events – such as the ever-popular weekday language chats, new online shopping service and pop up foodie evenings.

Louis deli cake displayNaturally, we’ve sampled the merchandise……you must try the treacle tart and they even serve perfect builders’ tea! (And thank you to everyone who has retweeted, shared and posted their experiences at Louis’ Deli & Cafe too!)



New website for Norfolk-based Professional Photographer

SBP signageTalented Professional Wedding and Portrait Photographer, Steven Brooks, has recently launched his brand new website. Designed by Norwich creative agency Fluffy Egg, the refreshed site showcases Steven’s creative expertise alongside a stunning image portfolio.

Although based in Norfolk, Steven’s work takes him across all of the UK as well as internationally for destination weddings and a range of corporate events. The revamped web pages showcase his individual experience with Weddings, Portraits and Commercial photography, telling the story behind each project and unveiling exquisite imagery.

His passion for creating beautiful photography combined with many years’ experience has led to Steven’s uniquely honest and emotive style. His services include lifestyle & family portraits; commercial products & premises; staff head-shots and of course, weddings.

Steven says: “Photography is a way of life for me. I love my profession and I’m delighted to provide my skills and experience for a range of commissions. I’d like to invite people to take a look through my new online galleries and blog pages for a taste of my artistic approach and unique styling.”

As well as the contemporary web design, Steven now has a new domain to further enhance his unique brand. He can now be contacted via email using

We’re delighted to be working with Steven once more, providing copy for his web pages as well as social media support.

To find out more about Steven and his exceptional photography, visit the new website at

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