Superhero HQ

Over the weekend we ventured out of Superhero HQ and headed for Southport where the sky was filled with the drone of engines and the coloured smoke billowing from the tails of the fantastic Red Arrows, the world’s premier aerobatic teams and the public face of the Royal Air Force.

Along with the rest of the crowd we looked into the sky and ‘ooood’ and ‘ahhhhed’ as the Red Arrows (in their 48th display season) demonstrated the amazing capabilities of their equipment and expertise. Their guiding motto is ‘Éclat’* which means brilliance and their mission is to act as ambassadors for Britain whilst enthralling, captivating and inspiring millions of people both in the UK and around the world and we were definitely not disappointed.


Whilst most people are aware of the fantastic Red Arrow flying prowess, at Superhero HQ we are also inspired by their approach to…

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