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Recently The Wild Phantom took Mr Phantom and the Little Phantoms to Nickelodeon Land in Blackpool; it was the culmination of about two weeks-worth of pestering!

Apart from the extremely child-and-parent-friendly rides, the big attraction with this particular theme park for our Little Phantoms were the characters – Spongebob Squarepants and Dora The Explorer in particular.

These characters make regular appearances during the day in random locations around the park and it’s a mad scramble as children of all ages line up for a squeeze of their favourite cartoon stars and have their photographs taken by eager parents (and theme park staff!) to remain in perpetuity on a mouse mat or key fob.

Better Together

I can report that the mad scramble I describe happened most noticeably when a handful of characters appeared en masse. From a visitor point of view, the characters were much more impressive this way and…

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