Superhero HQ

When was the last time you allowed yourself to stop ‘doing’ and take time to sit quietly and reflect on what was going well in life and celebrate this with the people who are important to you?

Life this week has been pretty manic at Superhero H.Q. we’ve been preparing to launch ‘Pants on the Outside’ to the world and meet the people who will work with us to help us make it a success. We’ve also been running our businesses (The Clear Thinking Partnership & Newmill Media) and one of us, namely the Magnificent Chameleon, has been treading the boards every night in Calendar Girls. We are all without a doubt, busy, busy, busy!

Busy is great, busy gives you a hit of adrenaline and serotonin that fires you up and keeps you running at 100%, but we are also more than aware that being busy all of the…

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