As a new business, we’ve plenty of challenges to face along with many other UK start-ups who are finding their way in a tricky economic environment. We created Enigmedia Marketing to enable smaller businesses to publicise their products and services in a professional and cost-effective way. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen, understand and work closely with our clients so that they are comfortable with our approach and also how we can help raise their profiles. Since March 2012, we’ve grown our client base and worked on a range of new and exciting projects – best of all, we’re learning so much from the people we meet along our business journey.

Recent months have been a little more challenging.  As a small business we’ve very few overheads and prefer to keep our services in-house rather than outsourcing to a third-party. Occasionally, another element needs to be added to a marketing mix and this is when we found ourselves back in the complex world of advertising and media buying!

One of our clients required some extra exposure within the sports industry and as we had a media contact with a suitable publication alongside an impressive-looking website, we suggested it would be an ideal advertising vehicle. Unfortunately, the “bespoke deal” we were promised materialised two months late and long after monies had been paid. After a lengthy and frustrating period of correspondence, we’re now seeking a full refund on behalf of our much-valued client. This created an extra challenge for us as we initially recommended the media service and are now having to ensure compensation through no fault of our own. While we realise that problems do arise, we’re always disappointed when other companies fail to provide a good customer experience as it’s the one thing that we’ve always strived to maintain.

And it’s not just the media who provide us with challenges. We’re pretty sure that we’re not the only business who has been experiencing serious issues as a result of a certain big banking group restructure! We’ve not been able to access our online business banking services since the end of August and to date, have received no updates or further help from anyone within their well-known and very large organisation.

So why do some companies, regardless of size, turnover and sector utterly fail to look after their customers when to us, it’s a fundamental part of our business? Perhaps we should cast our net wider and start offering our client service and communication skills to those companies who frankly, should know better!