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The advantages of a responsive website design

ENIGMEDIA stage PROFILESo what do we mean by the title of this article? We know that websites are constantly changing and evolving but the idea of responsive design is nothing new.

The main focus here is the use of cascading style sheets, which automatically figure out the size of the screen being used by the viewer – for example PC, smart phone or tablet. Not surprisingly, this type of coding, although a few years old is now coming into its own.

Opening a web page on multiple devices impresses and creates a feeling of familiarity and reliability for the viewer, ensuring that they will return to your site! Viewers (and customers) can immediately recognise your brand, principles, visual content and editorial from their office or home PC and also on the move from their tablet or smart phone. From a website owners’ point of view, the cascading style sheet technique means that only one website needs to be created and not lots of different versions for each new device entering the market. Saving you time and money – clever, hey?

From a marketing standpoint, this streamlined method of website design means that you are easier to find and have a much clearer online footprint. A single website will generate a higher organic Google search ranking and more visitor traffic because there is no dilution of your main URL, which would be inevitable if you were to create multiple websites.

Increasing the user-friendly nature of your website will also lead to a higher conversion rate – visitors will be comfortable with your brand, whichever method they choose to view your online shop window. Tracking visitors and traffic should also be much simpler – you only have one website to analyse! This leads to more accurate reports and therefore more successful marketing campaigns.

There are some upfront costs to consider but in the long run, creating a new website with the ability to be viewed across multiple devices is preferable to amending an existing website, which can lead to broken links and confusion for the viewer. Consider creating a responsive website as an investment in your business; the costs are more than likely to be offset later.

For your business to stay competitive and fresh, targeting multiple devices is paramount. Be sure to check your website analytics to find out exactly how your viewers are accessing your web content. Stay in tune with your customers as well as the fast-paced world of technology to get the most out of your marketing campaigns and guarantee a return on investment.

The importance of creating a brand for your business

ENIGMEDIA stage PROFILEIn the first instance, what do we mean by a “brand” ? The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CiM) defines a “brand” as:

“The set of physical attributes of a product or service, together with the beliefs and expectations surrounding it – a unique combination which the name or logo of the product or service should evoke in the mind of the audience.”

In short, a brand is a personal identity which in business, sets one company apart from another. Businesses should create a strong, unique brand so that customers can identify and recognise them. The best brands enable customers to choose one reputable company amidst a sea of others who may be offering the exact same products and services.

Developing a company brand takes a lot of thought and planning. A brand is an overall “look” which should be designed so that it can be used across a variety of media to publicise a business. A logo is often the first stage in creating a brand for business but should also encompass a strong company ethos and mission statement. Customers need to recognise that a business will deliver the best product or service and a solid brand enhances this. Branding is essential in ensuring that customers will support and endorse a business and that fellow industry professionals will recognise and understand it.

Examples of strong brands include Coca Cola, Nike, Disney and Apple. These companies are recognised globally because their brands have a high impact and their logos are seen in every city, every day. A logo needs to be designed so that it is eye-catching, clever, flexible and thought-provoking but simple. Consumers should become familiar with a robust brand so that they remember and trust the business or organisation that it represents. It goes without saying that frequent re-designing of a logo would be counter-productive!

Although a company brand isn’t just about a logo. It also applies to products and services, treatment and training of employees, advertising, packaging, stationery, customer services and the overall business culture. These are known as “touchpoints” whereby the general public comes into contact with a specific brand which can then affect their perceptions of a business or organisation.

Designing a brand is essential when creating the public “face” of a business. It should reflect the whole company identity as well as communicate to consumers and other businesses using a clear and accessible approach. A business can stall and even fail if not enough time is spent on planning and creating a company brand with an automatic promise of high standards and an unbeatable customer experience.

Enigmedia: A Year in the Making

We can hardly believe that Enigmedia Marketing has now been in business for a whole year! What started as a few Twitter musings swiftly developed into our full-time, social media support service for business.

Our initial aim was to help businesses to set and up and maintain their social media presence on networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. We found that although most were aware of the importance of utilising social media to promote their products and services, many had no idea where to begin! That’s where we came in.  We’ve dedicated our service so that we discuss with our clients what they would like to achieve; we research their business and advise on the best approach to suit their budget then begin a full social media service from scratch or maintain their current presence. Many businesses, whether they’re sole traders or limited companies were saying the same thing to us: “we just don’t have the time for social media”.

The beauty of our service is that we’re totally flexible and low-cost.  If only a very small marketing budget is available, it’s not a problem (it’s amazing what can be achieved within a few minutes of engaging with the right people!) For us, the whole point of social media is starting conversations –  with current customers, potential customers, industry professionals and other interested parties.

Our wonderful clients cover a wide range of sectors and we love to be able to use our time and expertise to help them increase their online exposure, helping them create sales leads and a general awareness of their brands.

Twelve months can be a real rollercoaster in the world of marketing, especially with the way social media and technology has been evolving.  Who knows what the next year will bring? Some media experts and social commentators are of the opinion that networks such as Twitter are just a fad and if that is true, we’re sure another innovation will arrive which will be wholeheartedly embraced by marketing professionals worldwide! Either way, we hope to continue to offer our clients a guiding hand.

We’ve received amazing support from clients and marketing professionals alike and also some stunning feedback.  We’re truly grateful  to the people who have got in touch and trusted us with their online marketing strategies so early on in our business life and hope we continue to grow together into the next year and well in to the future.

The importance of having a creative Social Media strategy

So, what is ‘social media’? Some have already labelled it as ‘a fad’ but for business, it’s a revolutionary new way to reach out to potential clients.

Social Media works for business because it enables connections with a wide range of people. Engaging directly with existing clients, suppliers and potential customers helps to create trust and a reliable, relevant network. It is the online equivalent of the traditional networking event but instead of swapping business cards, companies can develop mutually beneficial relationships via websites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest.

For online marketing purposes, building the right image is key. Visual content works brilliantly with social media as users respond to images which help them to recognise products and brands. This is especially true of Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. Networks such as Twitter are perfect for engaging with a wide range of people in a short space of time whereas LinkedIn can be utilised as an online CV for showcasing individual as well as company expertise. Businesses can use a range of social media accounts to publicise their brand, products and services with maximum impact but  without the financial burden of a traditional advertising campaign.

If a business has a creative nature, photography and info-graphics can be used effectively on a range of social media platforms. The trick is building connections and therefore engaging with as many people as possible to get noticed and regarded as a trustworthy, reliable organisation. Social media is utilised by a high percentage of businesses in the UK (according to The Social Media Benchmark by The Chartered Institute of Marketing,71% are currently using Twitter) so it makes sense it is widely used as a successful marketing tool.

But not all social media platforms are suitable for every business. The best approach is to be selective and focus on the networks where potential customers are likely to be. Also, the key word here is “social”. To get the most out of social media marketing, companies need to engage and not just announce news or updates. They should also be prepared to be responsive – establishing a presence on social media means making an invitation for people to communicate. Ignoring them would be a waste of time and highly unprofessional!

Just like the business world, social media is constantly changing and evolving. Businesses should make sure that they regularly measure responses and monitor activity on their social media accounts. If visual content generates a lot of interest, keep using it! If articles or editorial aren’t working, be more creative with content and create links to websites/blogs which provide the best examples of your Unique Selling Point or USP.

Remember: Business is all about relationships. Use social media to be generous and interested in other people. Although social media is largely cost-free, a large amount of time and effort should be invested to ensure the best results.

We’ve teamed up with a new & unique events service!

Based in Norfolk, The Job Fairs arrange recruitment & careers events across the UK.

Careers Fairs give job seekers direct access to those who can offer jobs and courses with the opportunity to talk directly with representatives from the employer or course provider, which no other recruitment method offers.  Recruiters usually have human resources professionals and recent recruits on their stands to give a flavour of what it would be like to be employed by them.  Make the most of Careers Fairs – they might lead to permanent employment or help you to make progress on the way there!

For Recruiters, Job Fairs provide access to highly qualified candidates and the opportunity for on the spot/face to face interviews.  The events also generate publicity for companies and are cheaper than placing a generic recruitment advertisement in local newspapers or national online job boards.

The Job Fairs have run a series of successful events in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire with more dates to follow for the remainder of 2012 and well into 2013.

We’re delighted to be providing The Job Fairs with our bespoke social media marketing service, ensuring that job seekers and recruiters are aware of their unique approach to improving employment levels across the UK.


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Just Jobs Peterborough teams up with Emerald Frog Marketing

Online recruitment specialist, Just Jobs Peterborough, have teamed up with award winning agency, Emerald Frog Marketing to deliver their ongoing marketing and PR in 2012.

via Just Jobs teams up with Emerald Frog Marketing.

We’ve just won a new client account!

After a very productive meeting with Managing Director Glenn Hoy, we’re thrilled to begin working with Norwich Sales & Marketing Consultancy TIME Associates on a variety of prestigious accounts.

Our social media expertise will be put to excellent use as we aim to promote a range of local brands, services and good causes.

Project number one (aka “the urgent one”) is to provide a social media platform and network for Best Bar None Norwich which is a national award scheme supported by the Home Office and aimed at promoting responsible operation of alcohol licensed premises.  It’s already been adopted by 100 towns and cities across the UK and is now being taken up internationally – Best Bar None Norwich is the first in a series of BBNs that will cover Norfolk. Their brand new Twitter account, Facebook page and LinkedIn profile have all gone live today!


Project number two is for a not for profit organisation Yellow Brick Road Foundation which is dedicated to helping to improve people’s lives in  the Norwich area. The Foundation works with individuals, charities and other groups to provide practical, pragmatic and financial support for those in need.  They cover a broad spectrum of services and are not restricted to a specialist charity or fund-raising group. Again, their new Twitter account, Facebook page and LinkedIn profile are now live!

Our forthcoming work with TIME Associates will include social media marketing for their own brand as well as a local business to business magazine and a well-known portrait photography company.

Busy and exciting days ahead!!

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