We can hardly believe that Enigmedia Marketing has now been in business for a whole year! What started as a few Twitter musings swiftly developed into our full-time, social media support service for business.

Our initial aim was to help businesses to set and up and maintain their social media presence on networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. We found that although most were aware of the importance of utilising social media to promote their products and services, many had no idea where to begin! That’s where we came in.  We’ve dedicated our service so that we discuss with our clients what they would like to achieve; we research their business and advise on the best approach to suit their budget then begin a full social media service from scratch or maintain their current presence. Many businesses, whether they’re sole traders or limited companies were saying the same thing to us: “we just don’t have the time for social media”.

The beauty of our service is that we’re totally flexible and low-cost.  If only a very small marketing budget is available, it’s not a problem (it’s amazing what can be achieved within a few minutes of engaging with the right people!) For us, the whole point of social media is starting conversations –  with current customers, potential customers, industry professionals and other interested parties.

Our wonderful clients cover a wide range of sectors and we love to be able to use our time and expertise to help them increase their online exposure, helping them create sales leads and a general awareness of their brands.

Twelve months can be a real rollercoaster in the world of marketing, especially with the way social media and technology has been evolving.  Who knows what the next year will bring? Some media experts and social commentators are of the opinion that networks such as Twitter are just a fad and if that is true, we’re sure another innovation will arrive which will be wholeheartedly embraced by marketing professionals worldwide! Either way, we hope to continue to offer our clients a guiding hand.

We’ve received amazing support from clients and marketing professionals alike and also some stunning feedback.  We’re truly grateful  to the people who have got in touch and trusted us with their online marketing strategies so early on in our business life and hope we continue to grow together into the next year and well in to the future.