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Hear for Norfolk: Supporting People with Hearing Loss

We recently had the pleasure of meeting some of the incredible team at Hear for Norfolk, a charitable company founded in 1898.

Based in Thorpe St Andrew in Norwich, Hear for Norfolk is the working name for Norfolk Deaf Association whose work aims to improve the lives of young people and adults of all ages in Norfolk with all degrees of hearing loss.

Hear for Norfolk provide personal, emotional and practical support, including hearing aid maintenance, ear wax removal, information on hearing loss and training for organisations and businesses looking to provide more support for their customers and employees.

The charity’s core services include:

Aural Care Services – expert, professional ear wax removal using microsuction (£50 fee, ages 10 & over) & ear otoscopy to screen for ear health issues

Adult Audiology – NHS-funded hearing tests and assessments for people aged 50+ with age-related hearing loss

Hearing Support Services – hearing aid maintenance, repairs & fitting for NHS-issued hearing aids

Many of their services are free of charge and patients can either be referred by their GP or can self-refer to get help with their hearing health and wellbeing as soon as possible (provided that they are registered with Medical Practices in the Central Locality of Norfolk & Waveney ICB).

The team also runs mobile community clinics visiting several Norfolk towns and villages, to provide Aural Care & Hearing Support Services (on an appointment only basis).

Did you know? Around one-third of adults over the age of 65 have some degree of hearing loss. It can impair quality of life by causing loneliness, social isolation, loss of independence, frustration, cognitive decline and communication issues.

If you would like to make an appointment with Hear for Norfolk for their Audiology Services, please visit email or call 01603 404440

Hear for Norfolk are also looking for volunteers, trustees and fundraisers – please visit for more information.

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2022: Marking a Decade in Business

It seems like only yesterday that we launched our Twitter Account Management service for a handful of local businesses. Fast-forward ten years to today and we’re proud to provide a flexible range of social media management and marketing services to a whole host of UK organisations.

Although much has changed over the past decade, online marketing has really come into its own. Not to mention the shock arrival of a global pandemic, which has certainly seen a shift in business approaches and workplaces over the past two years alone.

In 2022, there are many more social media platforms to choose from and with plenty of people now opting to work or socialise at home, they are spending more time scrolling social media feeds for business, employment or lifestyle reasons. According to a recent study, 90% of people buy from brands they follow on social media so it’s easy to see why more businesses are now regularly posting – especially on fast-growing platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

We love to be able to support local and UK businesses; with sectors including property, health and fitness, engineering and wildlife management in our portfolio. When the Covid-19 pandemic and national lock-down started in March 2020, we noticed that most of our clients continued to be able to run their businesses remotely, which was positive news. If anything, social media became even more important because so many potential customers were now at home and more likely to be browsing the internet. In our experience, there was an up-tick in users looking for brands who they could research and engage with online. This meant that we needed to be on hand more than ever, to respond to enquiries and enable our clients to leverage their social media as a successful customer service point.

Many of our clients also took the opportunity to update their websites during lock-down – this included new text and blogs to keep their content fresh. We were able to write copy for web pages and blogs, to give our clients’ online presence a welcome boost.

Now that we’ve come through the first quarter of 2022, our clients have survived the difficulties of the Covid-19 pandemic and are settling into a slightly new way of working – either by moving more of their business online or allowing their teams to work more remotely.

Although much has changed in the business world, for us, some things remain constant. Our very first client in 2012 was Barenaked Foods, whose founder Ross Mendham went on to appear on BBC Dragons’ Den and secure investment from the one and only Peter Jones. Today, Barenaked Noodles & Rice are a well-established brand on the UK’s supermarket shelves and with a range of online specialist retailers. We’re looking forward to developing our continued relationship with Ross and the team, alongside our other highly-valued and long-standing clients. We may even have the chance to represent a Dragons’ Den winner again in the future…!

Fast Facts: Total Social Media Users in 2022

Twitter – 340 million people

Facebook – 2.895 million people

Instagram – 1 billion people

LinkedIn – 706 million

TikTok – 1 billion people

YouTube – 2 billion people

If you would like any advice on how to use social media for your business, please get in touch. Call 01602 552145 or email

A Warm Welcome at Louis’ Deli & Cafe!

IMG_9988 (WEB)

We received a call not so long ago from Graham, who is the current owner of Louis’ Deli in the Norwich Lanes.  Already a successful cafe/take away and with the updated website looking smart, the business was lacking in just one thing – social media!

Graham was unsure how to promote Louis’ online so we began by going through each of his existing social media profiles in turn (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram). We checked that the business information and images were up to date; the branding was consistent and that a link to the website was clearly visible. After that, it was a matter of letting people know where they could find award-winning coffee, delicious meals and some of the best cakes in Norwich!

Although we can clearly see from our feedback reports that people are reacting to and engaging with Louis’ via social media, it’s a real pleasure to hear from Graham that our work has resulted in more people coming through the door and talking about Louis’ Deli in person.

It’s still early days but we look forward to working with Graham (and his amazing manager Hannah) to help the business grow and promote unique events – such as the ever-popular weekday language chats, new online shopping service and pop up foodie evenings.

Louis deli cake displayNaturally, we’ve sampled the merchandise……you must try the treacle tart and they even serve perfect builders’ tea! (And thank you to everyone who has retweeted, shared and posted their experiences at Louis’ Deli & Cafe too!)



Barenaked Foods Sponsors Pro Boxer

Nathan 3

Nathan Dale is a professional boxer from Norwich who competes at light welterweight and holds an impressive undefeated record of 17 fights. He is also a former holder of the IBF World Youth belt.

Nathan entered the professional ranks with a strong amateur background, collecting a number of titles along the way. One of his proudest moments is representing England and achieving a gold medal in the multi-nations.

He is clear about his goals and exhibits high levels of determination, ambition and commitment – something he has in common with Barenaked Foods Managing Director, Ross Mendham. However to continue to develop his career, he needs to train smart and push his body to the absolute limits.

Unfortunately, Nathan has not competed for the last 13 months due to having surgery on his hand – although he has used his time wisely in the gym with trainer Graham Everett.

Nathan states that Barenaked Foods have helped him maintain his weight during his off period and has confirmed that he will have no concerns making championship weight with the backing of Ross and the team.

Barenaked Foods are looking forward to supporting Nathan in reaching his ultimate boxing potential!

Find out more about Nathan at

Jennifer Grace Music & Vocal Academy hits 20 years of musical high notes

jenJenny Sadler is a remarkable music teacher with an impressive CV. Not only is she an accomplished vocalist and musician with over 40 years’ experience in the music industry, she’s been passing on her skills from a young age. In March 2015, Jenny is celebrating 20 years of her unique music and vocal academy which boasts a rapidly growing list of students; superior exam pass rates and regular encounters with popular TV shows The Voice, X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent.

A former Bowthorpe High School student, Jenny’s passion and talent for music came to the fore at the tender age of 11. Already an accomplished pianist, in 1973 she met new Norwich music shop owner, Jack White. Jenny picks up the story: “I remember that the first day Jack White’s Music Shop opened for business, my dad said to me ‘come on Jen, there’s a new music shop opening today – let’s go and have a look’. When we arrived, my Dad told Mr White my name; promptly sat me at the piano in the shop window and I began to play. After a short while, an audience started to gather – and that’s when Mr White said to me ‘great – you start work next Saturday’!”

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Busy day for the Best Bar None Norwich team

Thursday 11 October was a landmark day for Best Bar None Norwich in that the first two scheme accreditations were presented, to OPEN on Bank Plain and the Brickmakers Arms on Sprowston Road. Shortly afterwards scheme managers Steph Butcher and Glenn Hoy were off to London to attend a Best Bar None National presentation at the House of Lords.

The first award was given to Sarah Minty, the Principal of the OPEN Youth Trust by local MP Chloe Smith.  Sarah told us, “The OPEN venue is delighted to have been awarded Best Bar None Norwich Accredited Venue status because it recognizes our commitment to promotion a safe and entertain night out in Norwich.

Pictured (left to right) Steph Butcher (BBNN scheme manager) – Thomasin Keeble (NHS and BBNN sponsor) – Sarah Minty (OPEN) – Ed Brown (Nightsafe and BBNN scheme sponsor), Chloe Smith (MP), Scot Aldridge (MBS Awards and Promotional Gifts, BBNN awards sponsor) – Kate Roma, Future and BBNN scheme sponsor) – Murray Thexton (Inn Training, BBNN training consultant)


The group then moved on to The Brickmakers to present Pam and Charley South and Emma Teasdale with their well-earned award.

Pictured (left to right) – Chloe Smith, Pam South, Emma Teasdale and Charley South.  The Brickmakers team were very happy to receive their award from MP Chloe Smith with Pam commenting, “We feel very proud to have achieved the standards required to achieve the Best Bar None Norwich accreditation and feel it can only benefit the businesses and customers in Norwich to know of the high standards our pubs, clubs, bars and venues aim for helping to keep the Norwich night-time economy safe and thriving.”

There are already another twenty Licensed Hospitality trade outlets going through the application and assessment process with more joining almost every day. Scheme manager Glenn Hoy told us, “This is a breakthrough day for us and now the Accreditation Plaques are going up we can inform people going out in Norwich of the ever-growing numbers of outlets who are demonstrating through membership to our scheme that they pride themselves on running a professional business. We are also aware being an Accredited Venue will give them a competitive edge and people going out in Norwich can now make a considered choice as to where they go.”

If you are running a pub, club, bar or venue in Norwich and want to find out more about how to join Best Bar None Norwich or need help with your application from call Glenn on 01603 224 880 or email him at:

N.B Photograph of full group (outside The Brickmakers) taken by Archant photographer

Best Bar None Norwich recognizes high-level practices in licensed premises, by way of venues achieving accreditation in key business criteria such as: security, drinks & drunkenness, drugs, public safety, first aid and fire and building safety.

The outcome is that Best Bar None Norwich accredited venues will help make Norwich a safer and more enjoyable place in which to enjoy a night out.

For more information:

Contact: Glenn Hoy

Tel: 01603 224 880



Best Bar None Norwich: Press/Media Release (June 2012)

Best Bar None Norwich supports e-petition on under-age drinking

Licensed trade consultant Michael Kheng has launched an e-petition calling on the Government to take action against under 18-year-olds who attempt to buy alcohol in pubs.

His view, one that is endorsed by Best Bar None Scheme Manager Glenn Hoy, is that the on-trade is “targeted and blamed” for underage sales of alcohol yet those that commit the crime are “never, or rarely, penalised”.

Glenn told us, “This is a difficult and sensitive issue but one that needs support from those drinking alcohol as well as those selling and serving it. Not only via involvement from the authorities but through family and peer group pressure.”

Many outlets in Norwich are investing heavily in preventative measures, although currently, a member of bar staff or the licensee could be given an £80 on-the-spot fine for serving alcohol to anyone under-18. The licensee could also face a licence review, and a fine of up to £20,000.

Inspector Edward Brown who heads up the Norfolk Constabulary Licensing Team and oversees the Nightsafe Project said ‘The fault is certainly not all with licensees. We’re finding under 18’s are more and more frequently using fake ID or more commonly borrowing ID from friends and particularly older siblings. This is an offence and whilst we are not looking to criminalise young people they have to realise the potential consequences of their actions.

With the summer holidays approaching it will be tempting for under 18’s to try and get into pubs, bars and clubs as well as getting alcohol from off-licenses and supermarkets. We are actively targeting this area of business and we’ll continue to work alongside licensees to raise awareness and standards across the industry’.

For more information:

Contact: Glenn Hoy
Tel: 01603 224 880

Best Bar None Norwich: Press Release 25th April 2012

Best Bar None Norwich Trade Launch a great success!

Just about every bar, club and venue in Norwich was represented at the Best Bar None Norwich Trade Launch held at the Assembly House on Tuesday 24 April.

The meeting, presented by Scheme Managers Steph Butcher and Glenn Hoy, was designed to share with the owners and managers how Best Bar None Norwich could and would bring together local and national organisations, companies and people with the key objective of making the night-time economy a safer place to be.

Best Bar none recognizes high-level practices in licensed premises, by way of an assessment of key criteria such as: security, drinks & drunkenness, drugs, public safety, first aid and fire safety and building safety.

There was a lively question and answer session with those who had experience of how Best Bar None works in one of the 100+ other schemes running throughout the UK sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm for the Norwich scheme.

At the end of the meeting the attendees were asked to register their interest in joining Best Bar None Norwich and the take up was excellent. Steph Butcher commenting, ”We have exceeded our initial expectations with over 25 of the major Norwich outlets and venues already committing to the scheme. This is superb news for everybody connected with the night-time economy in our fine City.”

Licensees who were not able to attend can contact Glenn or Steph for more information on 01603 224 880 or by emailing

There is also a chance for licensees to find out how the scheme works on a practical level when the City Centre Licensing Forum holds their next meeting at Vodka Revolution on Queen Street Norwich at 3pm on Wednesday 2 May. Forum vice chairman and general manager at Vodka Revolution Matt Glister has more details about this meeting on 01603 858483.

For more information:

Contact: Glenn Hoy
Tel: 01603 224 880

Best Bar None Norwich – Trade Launch

Tuesday 24th April, Assembly Rooms, Norwich (3 – 4pm)

Members of the Licensed Trade (not open to the general public) are invited to attend a informative meeting to confirm what promises to be a scheme that is of significant benefit to the trade and its customers.If you are a Licensed Trade member in Norwich and would be interested in attending the Best Bar None launch event, for more information or to confirm your place please call 01603 224880.

Visit for more information

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