Superhero HQ

At the start of the Pants On The Outside™ (super)hero’s journey we want two things to happen, we want to generate more opportunities for the team in question to succeed and we want to expand the way they think about their business. When we utilise the power of the Big Picture Template and Path we do exactly that, and there are some other happy by-products too.

People have said……

“A Seismic revelation, a terrific insight, great!”

“Really positive, love the mechanism of how it plays out, something to come back to at regular intervals – fantastic!”

“Stimulated to do something different as a result.”

“Much more useful than I imagined.”

“Interesting to understand other people’s views.”

“If you think you know everything about your business you should think again!”

At Superhero H.Q. we have been reflecting on our work using Big Picture over the past year and a half and…

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