Superhero HQ

And now The Magnificent Chameleon takes centre stage……

Cover Story:
Kate is the other half of The Clear Thinking Partnership, she performs in live theatre and can often be found singing the songs from the musicals (both in the shower and on stage), she can occasionally be found on the set of Corrie, and she likes cats!

As The Magnificent Chameleon she combines the GREEN of the Creator Innovator with the YELLOW cape of the Explorer Promoter


  • Creative thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Thinking on her feet

Turbo Power:
High Energy!

Catalyst for transformation:
Spotting a new opportunity that needs a unique response

“What’s all this malarkey?”

A message from The Magnificent Chameleon:

“Give me a challenge and I relish the opportunity to find an inventive solution for it, this means that life is never dull! I get a buzz from being creative, especially if it means that…

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