Superhero HQ

As we introduce the team at Superhero HQ……it’s the turn of The Wild Phantom.

Cover Story:
Bev is half of The Clear Thinking Partnership. Work takes her around the UK and to some further flung locations including the USA, Brazil and into Europe…. although some of these are “virtual trips” from the comfort of her office in the North West of England.

Bev bolsters her secret identity by masquerading as a domestic goddess and she bakes a mean fruit scone. The illusion is strengthened further as Bev perfects her face painting skills to entertain her children, and any grown ups who wish to indulge themselves.

As The Wild Phantom her costume combines the ORANGE of the Assessor Developer with the BLUE of the Controller Inspector – an experimental combination for the Phantom who normally prefers a yellow cape.


  • Analytical & resourceful
  • Loves working with possibilities
  • Sociable &outgoing

Turbo power:

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