Superhero HQ

Today we introduce the team at superhero HQ……here’s our very own Captain Cosmic, champion of perseverance and enemy of adversity!

Cover Story:
Paul is the mild-mannered Creative Director for Newmill Digital Media, dad to twin girls. Recently, his work has taken him to lots of interesting places to produce client work – Florida, Switzerland, Cyprus, Holland, and a chicken factory in Hull. Nothing ruffles his feathers when it comes to a challenge!

Paul combines the pale blue of the Upholder Maintainer with the red of the Thruster Organiser.


  • Visionary & Creative
  • Loves turning words into pictures
  • Sociable and outgoing

Turbo Power:

A bionic eye for the detail.

Catalyst for transformation:
When words are not enough and moving pictures can tell the story more effectively

“Champion of perseverance, enemy of adversity!”

A message from Captain Cosmic:
“I have the power to conjure up brilliant creative ideas to bring your thoughts and ideas to…

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