Barenakedfoods was founded in 2011 by Ross Mendham, who after years of dieting and worrying about the food he was eating, decided enough was enough. He thought there must be a low-fat, low carbohydrate version of the food that he craved and loved. After hours of trawling through the internet, searching supermarkets and health food shops with no success, he decided that he would make these foods available to people like himself.

Based in Norfolk, Barenakedfoods is the UK’s first and original supplier of low-carb, low-fat pasta. Ross’ team are passionate about quality food and strive to supply their alternative range of delicious products for people who’re looking for a healthy way to lose weight or have a specific dietary requirement.

Barenakedfoods also provide diet plans & health tips to help support their customers and have gained some cracking reviews to prove just how tasty their products are! Shipping is available worldwide and their online shop accepts credit cards and PayPal.  The Barenaked range includes Low Carb Pasta, Protein Noodles, Gluten Free Sauces, Shirataki Noodles & Konjac Noodles.

We’re delighted to be working with such an innovative team with a genuine desire to support people who need help with their diet.

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