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Sing in the Cheap Seats

!cid_5B039D31-5427-42A3-8BE8-B907191736E6A shiny, much loved pot has emerged like a Phoenix from the Flames this year.  Bedecked in ribbons it has emerged from a flaming wreckage that still lays claim to the souls of other once loved trophies such as the League Cup, the UEFA Cup and….well I’m sure the Intertoto Cup is lying around somewhere too.  May this season be remembered as the year that the FA Cup threw off the Premier League imposed shackles.  Let this season be the year the FA Cup finally burst out from the money-laden shadows of the Champions League and reclaimed its place as a competition that is treasured the world over.

This was a decline that many claim began with Manchester United’s decision to relinquish their place in the competition some fifteen years ago.  However, in reality the rot set in three or four years before that with UEFA’S ridiculous idea to expand…

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